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100% Polyester Girl Puff Sleeve Shirt.


This shirt is cute and perfect for your sublimation project, it has a buttery feel not see through and it's very soft and comfortable. It also comes in a resealable clear bag.


PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS: - Set heat press to 400°F and set time to 60 seconds

(Note: Some specialty papers/inks may recommend different settings. Refer to your manufacturer instructions.)- Place a sheet of butcher paper or unwaxed parchment paper inside the shirt to prevent sublimation ink from reaching the back of the shirt.


Note:  We have tried embroidery and vinyl on these shirts and have had great success with both, You can give it a try if you want with your embroidery machine and your HTV Vinyl. Every heat press and sublimation printer & embroidery machines are different so please keep that in mind. If you have any question please feel free to send us a message.

RTS 100% Polyester Puff Sleeve Bodysuit (Now Available)

$5.85 Regular Price
$5.56Sale Price
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